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Our transportable cabins, units and houses are designed and built to cyclone code.


We design and build a wide range of transportable commercial buildings.


We custom design, build, transport and install
to suit your specific project.

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We have a range of  buildings for hire for both residential and commercial needs.

Experts In Demountable Buildings

Demountable Sales and Hire are a Northern Territory owned and operated company that has been providing a demountable, transportable sales and hire service across Northern Australia for over 25 years.

Industry segments include mining, oil & gas, resources, government, defence and the general construction Industry.

Darwin Demountable Sales
A demountable home

Benefits Of A Demountable Home

Slowly but surely, demountable homes are becoming more and more popular. With the way that everything easily fits together, the end product is cheaper and far more energy-efficient. We also assemble our demountable homes off-site, which saves on extra costs for everyone, and allows us to deliver the best possible product with the brief you give us.

Since we design them to be transportable, our demountable homes are stronger than the average house – this means less maintenance to worry about. We design everything to handle harsh weather alongside the process of moving the house. But the main benefit of a demountable home is that you can bring it with you, wherever you move to. This flexibility is at the core of Demountable Sales and Hire; you can move to somewhere else in Darwin or even another state entirely and still enjoy the familiarity of your demountable home.

Reasons To Choose A Demountable Office

Businesses across the country are also experimenting with demountable offices for similar reasons. Once more, the buildings are cheaper investments long-term, making them an attractive choice for smaller companies, as they can provide office spaces for less money that meets their requirements. On top of this, if the business has to relocate in future, the demountable approach gives them the freedom to do this with a lot less disruption. This also keeps the environment familiar for the staff, helping them easily adjust to a new location.

Everything about the office will be exactly as the business needs it to be; we always work closely with clients to guarantee they get what they pay for. We can design the inside and outside of the building just as you envision it, so you can get the office you’ve always dreamed of having. Every job we undertake uses the most effective materials for the job, with both quality and sustainability as our highest priorities.

A demountable office
Demountable office

Why Demountable Sales And Hire?

At Demountable Sales and Hire, we have been helping families and businesses in Darwin for over two decades; we pride ourselves on our turnkey service, and every building we assemble is a testament to our quality. When our dedicated staff put a home or office together, we always make sure our efforts are sustainable and get the job done without hurting the environment. Our custom creations are also safe, with rigorous testing at every turn to make sure they can handle extreme weather and transportation.

Our demountable builds have high-quality construction and can fit a wide range of sectors and functions. With Demountable Sales and Hire by your side, you can be sure you get the building that meets your needs. We are proud of everything we make, and we’ll only deliver it to you if we’re absolutely certain it does the job.

Recent Projects

Over the past 5 years Demountable Sales & Hire has constructed over 1,000 various types of building modules that have been supplied, delivered and installed to various locations within the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia.

Demountable Office Complexes

This purpose build two story was designed to have the smallest footprint possible for the selected site.

Demonstrable Sales and Hire designed the buildings and structure to be fully self sufficient with its own power generation, potable water storage and sewer collection point.

The finished complex was used by both AQIS and key INPEX staff supervising the incoming modules for the gas trains.

Demountable Mining Accomodation

Demountable Sales and Hire were asked to supply staff accommodation to McArthur River Mine as soon as possible because of the urgent need to upgrade the mine’s living accommodation.

A very fast deployment of accommodation buildings as well as other support buildings were delivered and installed in less than 3 weeks.

Demountable 3 Bedroom Home

This custom designed 3 bedroom house was located on a rural block in the outskirts of Darwin. Comprising of 3 bedrooms, living area, kitchen, bathroom and laundry as well as a large deck area for BBQs and entertaining.

The building footprint was kept as small as possible to ensure the minimum impact to fauna and flora on the block.

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