Employees working on temporary sites such as construction, mining, civil engineering and forestry often have to work from sub-standard accommodation. This can make life difficult for workers who are often forced to work from vehicles or caravans.

While building a semi-permanent office is an option, the cost can be prohibitive, especially for medium to long-term projects. But a demountable office could provide the space your workers need while also being cost-effective and quick to deploy.

So if your business needs a temporary office solution, check out this blog on the five benefits of demountable commercial office space.

1. Cost Effective

Demountable offices are more cost-effective than either permanent or semi-permanent buildings. They use fewer materials and take less time to construct, which means they are substantially cheaper than constructing a semi-permanent solution.

And because they are delivered to the site on the back of a truck, they can easily be moved from project to project. This further reduces costs compared to permanent buildings, making demountable offices the best choice for temporary office solutions.

2. Flexible

Permanent office buildings are difficult to adapt as the project evolves. This is an important consideration for temporary sites which often start with just a handful of workers but can expand to several hundred once the project gets moving.

Demountable offices can be expanded quickly and easily by comparison. New units can be delivered to the site within a matter of days, which allows you to build up the accommodation on-site as more people are employed.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Demountable offices are also more environmentally-friendly than permanent buildings. They use materials from renewable sources such as timber from managed forests. Less waste is also generated due to efficient manufacturing processes.

All our cabins are also constructed to Australian Environment standard ISO14001. This is an internationally-recognised standard for developing efficient environmental management systems during construction.

4. Quick to Deploy

Deploying demountable office space is quick and simple compared to constructing a permanent building. Demountable space can be delivered to the site within a few days and be ready for use within a few hours.

Compare this with the weeks and months required to construct a permanent solution. This factor alone can make the decision to use demountable a no-brainer for most projects.

5. Versatile

Nothing beats a demountable for versatility. Popular uses include office space, laundries, toilet blocks, shower facilities, sales offices, hospital accommodation, security cabins, dormitories and more.

And because cabins are constructed as empty shells, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own bespoke solution. We can help design a solution that meets the needs of your operation.

Affordable Demountables in Darwin

As you can see, demountable office space is a great way of providing the accommodation your employees need to remain productive. They are cost-effective, quick to deploy and can be easily adapted as your project develops.

If you would like more information about our range of cost-effective demountable office solutions, get in touch today by completing our contact form. We supply a large range of affordable demountables across the Darwin area with cabins tailored to the needs of your project.

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