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The mining industry is booming across Australia, with a huge need for portable accommodation and facilities to supply a worksite or camp. At Demountable Sales and Hire, we know how crucial it is to keep your employees happy and working together. Comfortable accommodation is a fantastic way of ensuring your workers continue performing at their best.

Through our years of experience developing outstanding demountable accommodation and worksite solutions, we’ve learned what really helps mine workers feel comfortable and most productive. With our great range of mining dongas and demountable accommodation, you’ll be able to create a home away from home for your employees. You’re sure to find something that perfectly suits your project needs and keeps your employees or workers safe and comfortable. Our mining dongas and accommodation facilities are a fantastic option for mining camps and worker’s housing.

Durable Mining Accommodation & Dongas

When choosing a mining donga or demountable accommodation, you’ll want to select something that’s durable and comfortable but that won’t leave you with a significant expense. Our mining dongas are reliable, sturdy and affordable, and are guaranteed to ensure comfort while also working with your budget.

When you choose a mining donga or demountable office, you’ll make a cost-effective choice that’s easy to install and jam-packed with the features you and your employees will need to stay happy and comfortable throughout their time on site.

Mining Camps & Facilities

At Demountable Sales and Hire, we have the expertise and products on hand to supply your entire mining camp – so you won’t need to stop at dongas or demountable homes. We have a range of demountable offices perfect for your on-site workers. We know that a mining camp isn’t complete without its amenities, and so we can also provide laundry facilities, kitchens and dining areas that perfectly suit your needs and comfortably house all your employees and workers. We can also supply demountable buildings perfect for use as a shared area.

With over 25 years in the industry, Demountable Sales and Hire has the experience needed to ensure outstanding demountable accommodation and facility options across the Northern Territory whenever you need them. Our design, manufacture, delivery, commissioning, support and management services all operate on a turnkey basis.

We prioritise the safety of our workers, the protection of the environment, and the quality of our products in every job we undertake. We’re able to take on small or large contracts and can build and maintain a mining camp or site accommodating up to 1000 personnel.

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If you have particular building requirements, we’ll work with you to custom-design and manufacture a product that meets your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange quality demountable housing or facilities for your mining camp team. Contact us today on (08) 8947 4220 to speak with our team or to learn more about what we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mining Donga?

A mining donga refers to a type of portable, modular accommodation used primarily within the mining industry. These transportable structures provide a comfortable living space for workers who spend significant time on remote work sites. The concept of a donga originates from the Aboriginal language, describing a temporary or semi-permanent dwelling. The mining industry has adapted this concept to serve as practical, transportable housing for employees stationed in outlying areas.

Why Are Mining Dongas Popular in the Mining Industry?

Mining dongas have gained popularity due to the unique demands of the mining industry. Given the remote locations of mining sites, it’s important to have accommodation options that are easily transportable, resilient and comfortable for the workforce. Mining dongas meet these requirements effectively. They’re easy to transport and install, and they provide all the necessary amenities, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen facilities. Their design allows for a degree of comfort and privacy, contributing to improved worker morale and productivity.

Can Mining Dongas Be Customised to Specific Requirements?

Yes, one of the advantages of mining dongas is their versatility and ability to be customised to suit specific needs. While standard configurations often include essential amenities, additional features can be added based on the requirements of the project and the comfort of the workers.

Are Mining Dongas Built to Withstand Harsh Conditions?

Absolutely. Durability is a key attribute of mining dongas. These structures are designed and built to withstand the harsh conditions often found in remote mining locations. High-quality materials, reinforced construction and thorough quality control processes ensure these portable buildings can endure extreme weather and daily wear. Despite their portability, mining dongas offer structural strength and reliability similar to traditional, fixed structures.

What Amenities are Typically Included in Mining Dongas?

Mining dongas are designed to provide all the essential amenities for a comfortable living experience. This typically includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and air conditioning for climate control. They may also include laundry facilities and dining areas.

Can Mining Dongas be Relocated to Different Sites?

Yes, one of the key advantages of mining dongas is their portability. They are specifically designed to be easily transported from one site to another. This flexibility is particularly useful in the mining industry, where operations may shift between locations. The dongas can be efficiently disassembled, transported and reinstalled at the new site, providing a practical and cost-effective solution for accommodation needs.

Is Mining Dongas Compliant with Safety and Building Regulations?

Absolutely, mining dongas are built in compliance with stringent safety and building regulations. This includes adherence to standards related to structural strength, fire safety, electrical systems and plumbing. The construction and installation of mining dongas involve rigorous inspections to ensure they meet all the relevant codes and regulations.

What Sizes Are Available for Mining Dongas?

Mining dongas are available in a range of sizes to cater to different needs. Single-room dongas are common for individual accommodation, but larger units are also available that can accommodate multiple occupants. The modular nature of these structures means they can also be joined together to create even larger spaces as required.

How Long Does It Take to Install Mining Dongas On-Site?

As the units are pre-fabricated off-site, once they arrive at the mining site, it’s largely a matter of positioning and securing them in place. This process can often be completed within a day or two, minimising disruption to mining operations. However, the installation time for mining dongas can vary based on the size of the unit and the site conditions, but generally, it is a quick process compared to traditional construction.

Can Mining Dongas be Purchased or Rented?

Both options are typically available for mining dongas. The choice between buying or renting can depend on several factors. Renting can provide greater flexibility, particularly for shorter projects or where future needs may be uncertain. Purchasing might be more cost-effective for long-term use, where the cost can be spread over many years of operation.

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