When you operate a mining camp, it’s crucial you provide your workers with all the facilities and amenities they need to stay safe, comfortable and healthy while at work. As most mine employees work long shifts and are often separated from their loved ones for extended periods, high-quality facilities and amenities will truly set your camp apart and maintain a positive environment. What sort of facilities do you need for your mining camp? Read on to learn more about the must-haves.



It goes without saying, but if you operate a mining camp you need to provide a place for your workers to relax and unwind. Your accommodation should be comfortable and encourage your workers to keep performing at their best. Most camps use dongas or portable accommodation units, which provide durability and comfort at a reasonable price. These generally include a bed, cupboard space, a fridge, coffee and tea-making facilities, a bathroom, television and air conditioning. Some dongas allow for single-room dwellings which become an individual worker’s space while on shift and can be used by other staff when shifts change. These dongas also come with lockable cupboards, which allow workers to leave clothes and gear behind when they’re off shift.


Dining Facilities

Mining camps are well-supported by modern kitchens and communal dining areas. Mine workers benefit from facilities that offer wholesome, quality food, that cater for their needs, and that are open round the clock. Keep your workers nourished and performing at their best with a well-designed, comfortable kitchen and dining space.


Laundry Facilities

Your mine workers need a place to freshen up their gear, and a laundry space with washers and dryers is essential. It’s important you provide enough space for your workers to take care of their general needs.


Office Space

Some workers on site will need office space to perform their work effectively, and a demountable office can help provide comfortable facilities to encourage productivity and allow all mine operations and work processes to continue effectively.


Recreation Space

It’s so important to balance work and pleasure, and it’s no exception when it comes to mining camps. Why not consider a demountable building that you could use as a shared area, complete with a TV, games, or just a space for workers to relax and catch up at the end of a heavy shift?

Most mining camps also provide a gym space with cardio and weight rooms, with additional personal training facilities depending on the size of the mine.


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