Dongas and Transportable Buildings

At Demountable Sales & Hire, we offer a number of options suitable for commercial sites requiring additional building space. If you’re looking for a basic site setup for your construction, mining works or other type of site, then our dongas for hire are a simple and cost-effective solution.

Basic Site Setup For Hire

The Demountable Sales & Hire Basic Site Setup is an office with crib and amenities, making it an instant solution for your staff. As the smallest building available for hire starts at a size of 6Mx3M, it’s a flexible option for sites of most sizes, giving your management team space while providing basic facilities for all staff.

Basic Office Setup For Hire

Our Basic Office Setup demountable building is available at just 2.4MX2.4M. This is a big advantage for small outfits or sites looking to have staff facilities ready without the room to install a more complex donga. As the Basic Office Setup is supplied with air conditioning as standard, it’s a comfortable option, especially during the warmer months.

This office setup for hire – like the site setup – is available with all extra options (at cost, as standard). View further information on available extras below.

Office And Crib/Meeting Room For Hire

A single unit Office And Crib/Meeting Room starts at 2.4Mx1.8M; a great solution for those looking for a professional temporary business meeting space. Air conditioning is also supplied, so for important client meetings, you can ensure their comfort if you hire an Office And Crib/Meeting Room donga combo from Demountable Sales & Hire.

Other Commercial Demountable Buildings For Hire

If you have a large workforce, particularly if your sector is involved in mining or another industrial sector, then having bathroom space is important. It’s why we also facilitate the hiring of transportable bathroom cubicle buildings – complete with shower and toilet across three cubicles – and a toilet block, with five toilets and a urinal, as desired. Our donga solutions are inexpensive and can make a big difference to your site’s ease of use.

Additional Extras Available

There are optional facilities available at an additional cost, including the donga’s delivery and installation, as well as:

  • Sullage tank
  • Portable footings and stairs
  • Veranda
  • Furniture.

Hiring a demountable building with these options is an ideal choice for commercial companies, as it provides you with an almost instantaneous indoor solution for temporary sites of all types. As we deal with everything from the initial quote to complete installation – if opted for – then you can continue with site works and management, knowing that Demountable Sales and Hire is facilitating a solution fast and without fuss.

Get In Touch With Demountable Sales & Hire

For any of the above hire options, a bespoke quote for your commercial needs, or to find out more about any of our commercial demountable buildings for hire, contact our office at (08)89474220. We’d be happy to discuss how our dongas and transportable buildings could help you.

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