Do you need site offices that function like permanent buildings but which are intended for temporary use? If so, you’ll want to invest in demountable offices. Designed for use on building sites, mining projects, construction sites, roadworks, civil engineering projects and anywhere else where long-term, yet ultimately temporary, works are taking place, demountable offices offer a wide range of advantages over other accommodation options. Read on to discover the benefits that demountable offices can bring to your project.


Fully equipped building on-site

Once assembled, a demountable can be connected to an electricity supply, propane gas and a water supply, just like a permanent building. Inside, building systems such as HVAC can operate normally. The result is a building that can be used, and which offers, an almost identical level of comfort and convenience as a permanent structure. The only difference is that a demountable office can be quickly and easily removed, then reused, when it’s no longer needed in its current location.


Fast assembly, disassembly and transport

Demountable offices come with a higher level of assembly than prefab construction. Once it’s on-site, the final assembly and connection can be quickly achieved. When the building’s no longer required in its current location, it can be disconnected, partially disassembled and transported elsewhere in a few hours.


Versatile use

From offices to canteens, rest rooms, temporary accommodation, meeting rooms or even as a venue for special events, a demountable office is suitable for a wide range of on-site applications. The interior can be fitted out in a wide range of configurations and using a variety of fixtures and fittings.


Reusable in a number of locations

Demountable offices are intended to be reusable. The site requirements for a demountable office to be securely located are minimal. Once installed, the office is extremely stable (they’re designed signed to be cyclone-proof), waterproof and resistant to dampness from the ground or the elements. All this means a demountable office can be set up in challenging environments and still provide an exceptional level of performance.


Comply with all relevant health & safety legislation

Provided the demountable office is correctly installed and its utilities connected by a suitably licensed professional, the demountable office will meet all relevant health and safety requirements. It’s designed to be stable, weatherproof, waterproof and solid enough to withstand normal use with no ill effects. If you’re a responsible employer looking for high-grade office accommodation for your workers, a demountable office offers premium accommodation on-site.


Long-lasting structures that deliver an excellent ROI

Unlike other temporary structures, demountable offices are designed to be reused. On larger developments, they can be moved repeatedly as different sections of the project are completed. When one project finishes, the office can be used on another. In some cases, the office will serve as overspill accommodation, providing decades of use in one location.

The offices can be bought outright or hired and come in a good selection of sizes and shapes – you can even design your own and benefit from a custom-made demountable structure! With so many benefits, it’s unsurprising that more and more companies are turning to demountable offices for their on-site accommodation needs.


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